New Morning Mercies - Paul David Tripp

This Devotional written by a counselor is focused on the daily struggles of life and also how his daily encouragement renews the heart.

Morning & Evening - Charles Spurgeon

This devotional written by C. H. Spurgeon gives Christ centered devotional thoughts that are rooted in scripture intended to be read twice daily. 

Discipleship Development

Free Yourself, Be Yourself - Alan Wright

Christians often struggle to live lives that are deeply marked by the love and grace of Jesus. Gods desire is to remove our shame and guilt through the cross and resurrection of His Son. There is freedom for the believer! Shame off you, friend. 

Jesus + Nothing = Everything - Tullian Tchividjian

This book encourages the heart of believers to know that the gospel of Christ is enough! We have been set free from shame and performance and can live full lives in light of the grace of God in Jesus! 

Understanding Spiritual Gifts - Sam Storms

This helpful guide to the gifts of the Spirit navigates tensions of scripture and addresses common misunderstandings related to the history and practice of the gifts. 

Pilgrim's Progress - John Bunyan

Written in 1678, this allegorical work follows the life of the main character, Christian, as he journeys through his path as a follower of Jesus.  This is in the top five of Christian books of all time and is a strong recommendation for those who are surveying their life as a Christian.

When People Are Big And God Is Small - Edward T. Welch

In this book, Ed Welch helps the reader understand that it’s possible to love and fear others more than the love/fear of God.  This book is a helpful resource for those who are trying to understand why they do what they do related to ones relationship with others.

Instruments In The Redeemer's Hands - Paul David Tripp

This helpful resource shows how God uses people who are still in need of heart change, to be the very people who He uses to bring about heart change in others. 

Future Grace - John Piper

In this book, John Piper explains that grace is not just the basis for our forgiveness, but is also the power of God for heart change. We walk in newness of life as empowered children of God and his kindness leads us into further fellowship and repentance. 

The Pursuit of God - A.W. Tozer

In this book, AW Tozer encourages believers to plunge the depths of their deepest desires after God. Following hard after the Lord is the most fulfilled life someone can live, and Tozer invites us into just that. 

The Imperfect Pastor - Zack Eswine

This book calls disciple of Christ back to deep fellowship with Jesus. Reminding us that our work in the Lord is best described as ordinary faithfulness and the pursuit of godliness. We thrive in leadership most when we are abiding in Jesus.

Redemption - Mike Wilkerson

This Biblical study of the Exodus narrative is intended to help us understand sin and suffering through the lens of scripture with the goal of applying the gospel directly to the circumstances that we face and to our hearts that seek to love the Lord. 


The Prodigal God - Timothy Keller

This retelling of the prodigal son story from Luke 15 is a powerful depiction of God’s love for those who belong to Christ. The Gospel is for those who have gone too far from the Lord, and for those who think they are close enough. 

Delighting in the Trinity - Michael Reeves

This introduction to Christian Theology is an approachable inroad to the doctrine of the Trinity. Michael Reeves is helpful, persuasive and winsome in how he helps us see the beauty of the Christian faith in light of our Triune God. 

Kingdom Through Covenant - Peter Gentry & Stephen Wellum

This Work of theology helps Christians see how the bible is put together. God has always related to His people through covenant relationship, and Dr. Wellum & Dr. Gentry analyze how God’s plan for redemption has unfolded through the covenants. 

The Deep Things of God - Fred Sanders

Dr. Sanders seeks to convince his readers that theology, specifically the doctrine of the Trinity, is deeply connected to our lives and lived experiences. Knowing God and enjoying Him, as He has revealed Himself, is the goal of the christian life and The Deep Things of God helps us get there. 

Biblical Study

What Is New Covenant Theology? - Blake White

This book helps Christians understand the two primary views of Biblical Theology, covenant theology on the one hand and dispensationalism on the other. The differences in these views are not ultimate and invite us to practice Christian charity in things that are not essential to unity.

New Testament Theology - Thomas R. Schreiner

Christians often say “The Bible is all about Jesus”, and this work of theology plunges the depths of that reality. Dr. Schreiner helps us understand the big themes of the New testament and how they help us magnify God in Christ. 


The Meaning of Marriage - Timothy Keller

What does it mean to be married? How are christian marriages different than others? How do I thrive in marriage? If you find yourself asking these questions, Tim and Kathy Keller provide wise counsel and practical help to answer them.


Shepherding a Child's Heart - Tedd Tripp

People often say to another, there is not guide to parenting, so I’m doing the best I can!  This book is a work that pushes against this idea.  Written from a grace/gospel lens, Tripp teaches and educates how to be a shepherd and not a disciplinarian only.  It’s heart focused and deeply practical. 


Life Together - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In this classic, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, gives a short and powerful description of authentic christian community and its value to the life and well-being of every christian. Life, in unity, under the Word is the life that Jesus paid for us to have, and it is our joy to enter into it together. 

Sojourners & Strangers - Gregg Allison

Dr. Allison privides an approchable yet scholarly ecclesiology (doctrine of the church) rooted in scripture. He explains the nature and charachteristics of the body of Christ with fresh insight that is also rooted in history. 

The Gospel Comes witha House Key - Rosaria Butterfield

In this book, Rosaria Butterfeild whittingly connects hospitality to the gospel in a way that drives a desire for evangelism and faithful christian witness. God has drawn near to us in our mess, and now because of grace we can literally invite others into our spiritual abodes in a radically hospitable way. 


Reformed Dogmatics - Herman Bavinck

Herman Bavinck was a dutch theologian known best for his works of theology called Reformed Dogmatics, which is a comprehensive treatment of redemptive history. Beginning with scripture as God’s revelation, to the nature of the redemption, and the Kingdom of God. Bavink gives us a theological foundation on the whole Christian Faith. 

Systematic Theology - Wayne Grudem

In this work, Wayne Grudem introduces the breath of systematic theology and prodives a cursory outline of the Christian faith. For someone wanting a broad intro into the discipline of Systematic Theology, this is a great starting place. 

Authors We Like

John Piper

Tim Keller

Sam Storms

Paul David Tripp

Sinclair Ferguson

Zack Eswine